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Our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) offers support and empowerment for individuals on their journey to mental health recovery. We believe in the potential for personal growth and resilience, and our PRP is tailored to provide comprehensive and compassionate care. This recovery-oriented approach focuses on helping you achieve personal, social, and vocational goals. Our care plans are crafted to address specific goals, whether they involve improving daily living skills, enhancing social interactions, or pursuing vocational aspirations. Our qualified counselors provide empathetic and supportive counseling to address emotional well-being. Through one-on-one sessions, participants can explore their feelings, challenges, and triumphs in a safe and confidential environment.

Thus, we are committed to fostering a sense of hope, purpose, and resilience on the road to mental health recovery.

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If you are experiencing a mental health medical emergency, a drug or alcohol-related crisis, or if you are concerned for someone you know, call 911 immediately or proceed to the nearest emergency room.